TUBITAK BİGG (Individual Young Enterprise) Program

TUBITAK BIGG aims to create start-up companies that have international competitiveness and can develop high-tech products and services thus encouraging qualified entrepreneurship and supporting from ideas to market in order to transform technology and innovation-oriented business ideas into added value and qualified employment creation potential. (Source: TUBITAK)

The program consists of two stages. First stage is completed by implementing agencies designated by TUBİTAK. In this stage the entrepreneurship, business canvas, business plan etc. trainings are organized, also entrepreneurs are provided support by mentors in technical, administrative, commercial areas. After this stage, entrepreneurs can apply to second stage of TUBITAK BIGG Program.

Gaziantep Technopark also supports entrepreneurs with Gaziantep BiGG Program as an Implementing Agency for this program which provides 200.000 TL non-refundable grant support.


By applying to the GaziantepBİGG Program you can make actual your technology-focused business idea.

Gaziantep Teknopark, one the most entrepreneurial and innovative universities of our country, is the official implementing agency of the “1512 Techno-Entrepreneurship Capital Support Program” implemented by TÜBİTAK. The Program offers donation of 150.000 tl at the first step to eligible applicants for the transfer of thechnology-focused enterprise.

You can follow all the processes, applicants can be collected and evaluated, business ideas can be converted into business plan, pre-incubation and acceleration services are offered to entrepreneurs etc. through mobile application. After the training about creating a business model, preparing a business plan, intellectual industrial property rights, incorporation, business law etc. and the mentoring activities, entrepreneurs will be able to get a chance to establish a company by this grant.

If you have a technological business idea in these areas;

– Intelligent Transportation,

– Energy and Clean Technologies,

– Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0,

– Communication and Numerical Transformation,

– Health and Good Life,

– Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition

apply immediately and transform your idea into a product, your dream into reality…



Students who have graduated from any undergraduate program of universities within one year and graduate or undergraduate students, or those who have received their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees at least ten years before the pre-application date.


Previously, the Minister of Industry and Technology Techno-Entrepreneurship Capital Support or the ones who have not received capital support within the scope of TUBITAK 1512 Program Stage 2 can apply.


Those who are not involved in the partnership status of any business as of the preliminary application date, and do not own shares. (Unlimited, Limited or Incorporated Company partnership)



Apply to Gaziantep BiGG


Basic Entrepreneurship
Practical Business Model and Business Plan Preparation Trainings


Mentoring and Consultancy Services


2nd Stage Application


Oct 23, 2020-Dec 15, 2020 Application date of Gaziantep BiGG
Oct 21, 2020-Feb 1, 2020 Date range of 1st stage (Practical Business Plan Preparation Trainings, Consultancy-Mentoring Services)
Mar-Apr 2021 Date range of 2nd stage


Who can apply?

Graduates of any undergraduate program that is formal education in universities and students have the qualifications of a call declaration can apply.

Can Faculty of Open University graduates apply?

No, they cannot apply. Graduates of universities that provide formal education under the legislation can benefit. Since the Faculties of Open University do not teach formal education, their graduates cannot apply this program.

Is it possible to apply for who have graduated from their undergraduate degree for 5 years but currently have graduate or doctoral students?

Yes, they can apply.

Can company partners apply for this program?

No, they cannot apply. Persons who are in the partnership of any company on the date of application cannot apply for this program. The application can be made if the company is separated from the partnership before the application.

Is it possible to apply with more than one business idea in the same call period?

No, it can’t be done. Only one business idea can be applied during the same call period.

When and how to apply for business ideas?

Between the dates specified on the call, it’s done electronically.

When will the calls be announced?

1512 Program has at least 1 call every year, but there is no specific time interval for call dates.

Is there a limit to the business idea?

No, there is no restriction. Innovative business ideas with technology-focused can be offered from every area.

Is it possible to benefit from capital support both from the Minister of Industry and Technology and from TÜBİTAK with the same or different business idea?

No, it cannot. Those who have benefited from the Techno-Entrepreneurship Capital Support of the Minister of Industry and Technology cannot apply for this program.

Which address is sent to the printed documents?

The printed documents should be sent to “Tunus St. No:80 06100 Kavaklıdere/ANKARA. In addition, the sender’s name, surname, program name, project number and the covering letter that explain the reason for submitting the document should be added with it.

How much will be paid for the entrepreneurship trainings given in first stage?

No, no payment is required. Entrepreneurship training is free.

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